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in the news:

* GET BIG 2017

Full Feature Comedy based on somewhat true events. Currently

out in AMC Theaters, Co-Starring as Khaji.









* Reunion of the Bells

Just booked an original role in a new musical about an all 

star black celebrity family growing up and breaking up. 






* THE ALBUM PROJECT: RUMOURS, Music from Fleetwood Mac


Just booked! Scheduled to tour Los Angeles and San Francisco.







* Pun Plip Pridays


Just booked Series Regular for LA 18, KCSI. The historical show

marks the 1st ALL Filipino sketch comedy cast on US market!









* A chance for the OSCARS! 


"The special eight-man committee of the Film Academy

of the Philippines which will choose the local film to

view for nomination to the best foreign language film

category for the 85th Oscar Awards next year...

As of July, the seven films in the short list are the following:

... Busong Palawan Fate."


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*My film “Busong” (Palawan Fate) will be opening the

"National Geographic All Roads Film Festival" at the

National Geographic headquarters in Washington, DC.

on September 27!


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* The NEW YORK TIMES review for BUSONG! So great to have

screened in downt town New York at the Quad Cinemas!


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* BUSONG in current festivals:

Nepal International Indigenous Film Festival 

(Kathmandu) - June 7-10











*Montreal First People's Festival - July 31- Aug 8









* BUSONG will be showing at the TIFF Cinema

featuring  art films of the season.


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* The STRANGELY NORMAL premiers in the San Francisco

Black Film Festival 2012!


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* BUSONG opens at Shangri-la Cinema 4! The film that  weaves

Palawan myths with ecological concerns has a limited

commercial engagement release from April 18-24, 2012

in Manila. 


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* BUSONG opens in French theaters this March 21, 2012.

Starring Clifford Bañagale as Aris, a young man in search

of his shaman roots in the mystical  island of Palawan.


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* Just booked a commercial with Rome Film Festival award

winning French director, Olivier Agostini, 2012.


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* Watch a rare rehearsal of Clifford with the multiple

award winning Altar BOYZ cast of Los Angeles 2011 at the

Celebration Theater, Hollywood CA.


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* Currently developing two shows for the new

FilAM TV Network in 2012. 


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* Busong is named by the Wall Street Journal as one of the

TOP 10 Asian FIlms of 2011.  Noted as "...movies that made the

deepest impression...", "...small in scale but big in impact...",

and "...touched a nerve with moviegoers and became too

massive to be ignored." Starring the Palawn tribe and

Clifford Bañagale.


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* Pinoy indie film Busong wins award in Brussels!

Filipino filmmaker Auraeus Solito has won again with his

"dream film" Busong. The first Palawanon indigenous film

garnered the International Competition Tomorrow's

Cinema Award at the 38th Brussels International

Independent Film Festival 2011 in Belgium. 


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* Featured on the Fil-Am Nation website for his work in

theater, television and film. His work features High School

Musical, Brüno, and current international indie film Busong.

The editor in cheif asks Clifford some in depth questions

about himself as a young man in the industry.


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* The Filipino indie film, Busong Palwan Fate has won the

International Critics Prize from the Fipresci [International

Federation of Film Critics] at the Eurasia International Film 

Festival 2012, held in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

Starring Clifford Bañagale.


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* Currently in production for the feature film

"The SHAMAN King" 2012. The sequal  to the Palawan

Trilogy Films. Directed by Aureus Solito, the trilogy

enters  in history as the 1st full feature film about the

indigenous Palawan. 




* Just booked a role as asian hubby in the dramedy film

"The Strangely Normal" 2012. A  dramedy story about the

lives of adults and the shit we go through. 


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* Just boked a role in the feature film, "Somewhere Slow"

2012 starring Jessalyn Gilsig from GLEE wtih D Street

Productions & Logolite Entertainment.


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* Just booked a principle role on Comedy Central's

"Nick Swardson's Pretend Time" 2011 as Zargon, the alien.


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* Featured in BackStage 2011 with the Actor's Circle in the 

article "When Failing is the Best Option" written by

Mark Dundas. BackStage, the actor's resource.


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*Starring in "Busong Palawan Fate", World Premiering 

at the Cannes Film Festival 2011 as Aris, a young man in

search of himself. 


Busong is the indigenous Palawan concept of Fate.

Mystical Punay was born with wounds on her feet so that

she cannot step on the earth. Different people help to find

a cure- a woman looking for her husband, a fisherman who

lost his boat and a young man who is searching for himself

and each one meets their fate.


The first Palawanon indigenous film.


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* Starring in " The Institute Films" 2010, as Bambi, the lovable

foreign exchange student in search of the American dream.


Set in the 70's, the school for students looking to break into

the exciting new world of Porn. Watch and learn about the

origin of the world's first porn school. 


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* Featured on the  AMDA 2011 website for attending the

wolrd premiere of his film Busong at the 2011 Cannes

Film festival. The movie is the centerpiece of the

Directors Fortnight program at the Cannes Film Festival.

Clifford stars as Aris.


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* Featured on the LA Times 2009 website for his roles in

"Brüno" & "Altar Boyz," the cheeky musical satire that is

playing at the Celebration. Bañagale plays Mark, a

comedicly explosive & sexually ambiguous member of

a Christian boy band. 


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* Featured on EDGE Entertainment 2009 website. Clifford

describes his co-starring role in Sacha Baron Cohens Brüno.

The Philippines native talked to EDGEs Jim Halterman about

Brüno and beyond.


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* Featured on Asian News Network 2009 for winning great

reviews starring as Mark, a boy band members in an

ongoing LA production of Altar Boyz. Winner of the 2005

Outer Critics Circle Award for Best Off-Broadway Musical.

A story about five small town boys trying to save the world

one screaming fan at a time. 


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