Clifford Bañagale was born in Manila, Philippines. His family immigrated to United States when he was a


little boy.  Clifford studied opera at a very young age and got in involved with musical theater and dance.


His passion for  live performance led him to his love for acting on screen. Clifford  pursued


Film, Television and Theater in lHollywood  while attending  The American Musical & Dramatic Academy.

Clifford can be seen in GET BIG co-starring as Khaji, a coming of age full feature movie currently out in


AMC Theaters. He has earned various roles co-starring in Brüno with Sasha Baron Cohen, starring and


producing in internationally acclaimed film Busong, Palawan fate (Cannes Film Festival 2011) and


appeared in the season finale of The Office. 



Clifford is currently filming, performing in live shows and living in Los Angeles.